Traveling 9000 Miles for Breast Reconstruction

By: Courtney Floyd


A little while back now I was introduced to a wonderful gal named Heather. She reached out to me via email from Singapore. She was interested in breast reconstruction. (You would think I would have been shocked that anyone would be willing to travel across the world for reconstructive surgery, but knowing the amazing surgeons of PRMA it honestly never crossed my mind.) After months of coordinating, Heather finally made it to San Antonio in June and we were able to perform her prophylactic mastectomies with immediate Direct To Implant breast reconstruction.

It has been such an honor to have walked along side this amazingly inspirational women during her journey!

Heather is now back home in Singapore, but I wanted women to know her story and why she chose to travel over 9000 miles for her surgery. Please watch below as Heather shares her experience with you from across the globe!  

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  • Christine Rush

    Right mastectomy w/immediate DIEP reconstruction. At first seemed ok, the had radiation treatment 6 months after surgery (after completing 16 weeks of chemo), then the breast shriveled, hardened and became mishapen. Also developed lymphedema (which was also noticeable after radiation). I’m not a fan of implants, but i think it may be the only way to fix this and have more even outcome as right now i have one fnormal looking breast and the other is like a hard ball on my chest. I want a mastectomy on the left w/implant (asked for that w/original surgery, but was told that it ‘wasnt necessary’). Looking forward to getting this done and putting behi d me. I am looking at a timeline of the end of June 2019. I have short term disability through employer and would be able to take the time to adequately heal/rehab afterwards.

    • PRMA

      We are so sorry to hear you have experienced this Christine.  We welcome you to fill out our free virtual consultation form at  Once received our surgeons can review your needs and provide you with their recommendations for revision reconstruction surgery.

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