​Will You Need At Home Support after Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

By: Courtney Floyd


What kind of post-operative care will patients need at home?

After breast reconstruction surgery, it is important to have at-home support in place. Even though you may feel capable of handling everything on your own, remember you have just had major surgery. Taking time to heal, especially in the first couple of weeks following surgery, is essential to a smooth recovery.

Before surgery, plan for family or friends to stay with you once you return home from the hospital for a few days. 

Here is a brief breakdown of the at-home support needs you may have after surgery:

  • Driving is off limits for anyone taking narcotic pain medications. Range of motion restrictions also make it unsafe to drive immediately following surgery. For these reasons, you will need someone to help drive you home from the hospital and to follow up appointments with your doctor.
  • You will likely have some physical restrictions following surgery. Who does what at home obviously varies amongst families, but having someone close by to help you with everyday tasks will be important. These can include:


Preparing meals

Taking care of the kids (getting them to and from school, after school activities, sports, etc.)

Getting up out of bed or a recliner


Running errands


  • Breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery can take a huge mental toll. Having a good set of supportive listening ears can be priceless when working through your emotions.

Remember recovery does not happen overnight. Take the time you need to heal and do not be afraid to ask for help!

What kind of post-operative care will patients need at home? | PRMA Plastic Surgery

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