Growing New Breasts from Fat Stem Cells: Fact or Fiction? Is this the Future of Breast Reconstruction

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Author: Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo Can you grow new breasts from fat stem cells for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy?  A new form of breast reconstruction that allows women to grow new breasts from their own fat cells after a mastectomy could be offered to British and Australian breast cancer patients […]

can breast cancer be detected early
Can Breast Cancer Be Detected Early?

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Can breast cancer be detected early?  Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations from the American Cancer Society Screening refers to tests and exams used to find a disease, such as cancer, in people who do not have any symptoms. The goal of screening exams, such as mammograms, is to find cancers before […]

Breast Reconstruction – Breast Cancer Patients Denied Choice After Mastectomy

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Author: Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo Are there breast reconstruction options other than implants?  Despite the increase of breast reconstruction procedures performed after mastectomy in 2008, nearly 70 percent of women who are eligible for the procedure are not informed of the breast reconstructive options available to them, according to a recently […]

Mammograms and MRI after Breast Reconstruction – Are They Needed?

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Author: Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo “Do I still need to have mammograms after my breast reconstruction?” I’m asked this question quite often. Surprisingly, there is no evidence-based consensus on this among breast cancer physicians. Recommendations range from “no need for any further mammograms” to “continued regular screening”. Some doctors feel that since […]

Is there a Place For Breast Reconstruction in Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Traditional medical opinion states that patients with metastatic breast cancer are not candidates for breast reconstruction. Once metastases are diagnosed (stage IV breast cancer), attention understandably focuses on aggressive medical treatment to prolong life. Until fairly recently, breast reconstruction was not usually discussed as an option. Opinions have thankfully started […]

radiation affecting breast reconstruction results
Impact of Radiation on Breast Reconstruction Surgery

 July 07, 2020 Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Author: Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo Can radiation therapy impact breast reconstruction results?  Radiation therapy is often recommended as part of breast cancer treatment. Patients undergoing lumpectomy receive radiation routinely once they’ve healed from surgery. Some mastectomy patients may also need radiation after surgery depending on the characteristics of […]

TUG Flap Restores Breast After Mastectomy With Thigh Lift Bonus

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin What is TUG flap breast reconstruction?  San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) February 23, 2009 – Plastic, Reconstructive & Microsurgical Associates (PRMA) of South Texas, a leading breast reconstruction surgery practice in San Antonio, is now offering women the Transverse Upper Gracilis (TUG) flap procedure to restore their breasts after mastectomy. PRMA […]