3 Reasons To See A Plastic Surgeon Before Your Mastectomy

By: Courtney Floyd


Why should you see a plastic surgeon before having a mastectomy? 

Immediate breast reconstruction may be an option for you.

For qualified candidates, breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as mastectomy. When performed together, a skin-sparing mastectomy may be an option which preserves most of the breast skin envelope, decreases scarring and improves the overall cosmetic result. In some cases, the nipple and areola can also be preserved (nipple-sparing mastectomy). 

Studies have found immediate reconstruction can also provide significant psychosocial benefits by decreasing the psychological and emotional impact of mastectomy.

Although surgeons agree that immediate reconstruction is not always an option for every patient,especially those who will need radiation as part of their treatment, every patient with a breast cancer diagnosis should be made aware of all their options.

It’s important to know all of your surgical options

Every individual has a right to consider breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer. This is a federal mandate and insurance companies are required to pay for breast reconstruction surgery by law. Also, the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act recently passed in congress requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to plan and implement an education campaign to inform breast cancer patients of the availability and coverage of breast reconstruction, prostheses and other options.

Meeting with a plastic surgeon allows individuals the opportunity to hear more about breast reconstruction options and better decide which option is best for their needs.

You can gain confidence in your journey

Breast reconstruction is a journey. Even if immediate reconstruction is performed, it is important to remember revision surgery is often necessary to complete the reconstructive process and achieve the best cosmetic results.

Having a surgical plan in place (or knowing your options) and being comfortable and confident in your plastic surgeon before your mastectomy is a great way to reduce a lot of stress following your surgery or treatments. 

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