Vampire Breast Lift? Not So Fast!

By: Courtney Floyd


What is the Vampire Breast Lift procedure?

Have you heard of the Vampire Breast Lift? Well, this Sunday every Hollywood star attending the 88th Academy Awards ceremony will be receiving a complementary voucher for the spooky procedure in their Oscar gift bags.

Curios about the procedure, (and to be honest, a little spooked) I reached out to one of our board-certified plastic surgeons—Dr. Chet Nastala—for more insight.

The Vampire Breast Lift is an outpatient procedure where blood is removed from a patient, growth factors in the blood are “isolated and then activated” then re-injected into the breast area. This process is supposed to increase the breast size and improve the appearance of the skin.

According to the official procedures website, the breast lift can be performed on your lunch break and you will be ready to go out by dinner. Supposedly, the “multipotent stem cells then develop into new collagen, blood vessels, and fatty tissues” to increase breast size for up to two years.

Sounding too good to be true?

Based on my search and many physician’s statements, there is no medical research to support the claimed results or to verify this procedures long term safety. In fact, by increasing the breast volume this way, the skin stretches temporarily. If done repeatedly, a patient could see more breast sagging down the road.

A surgical breast lift, or Mastopexy, is a commonly practiced cosmetic surgery which removes excess skin and tightens the remaining breast tissue. This procedure is widely performed and researched by many accredited academic sources and is a safe and effective way to achieve a fuller bust line.

“It is important for patients to do their homework and seek counsel from a board-certified plastic surgeon before proceeding with something such as the Vampire Breast Lift,” urges Dr. Nastala.

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