5 Things to Do During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By: Courtney Floyd


What are things you should do during breast cancer awareness month?

Schedule a Mammogram.

Although recommendations for screening mammograms differ throughout the medical community, having a regularly scheduled appointment is an excellent way to proactively screen for breast cancer.

Know Your Risks

Having a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer may be an indicator to have gene testing performed. Results from the test can identify possible genetic mutations that could increase your chances of developing the disease. Gene testing is a very personal decision and should be approached with care.

Know The Signs.

Cancer comes in all shapes and sizes and does not discriminate against age, sex, race, or lifestyle. However, there are a few common warning signs you should look for when doing you monthly self exams! A lump or thickening in the breast or under your arm, swelling or darkening of the breast, changes in breast size and shape, and nipple discharge are just a few red flags to keep an eye out for. If you notice any changes in your breast, follow up with your physician as soon as possible.

Know Your Breast Reconstruction Options.

It is so important to know your reconstruction options! Check out this great infographic for a brief overview and click here to read more about the best procedure for you!

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