Prophylactically Profound

By: Courtney Floyd


There is something unique about the bond between a mother and daughter. This week I had the privilege of meeting Clara and Rae. After tragically losing multiple family members to cancer, and to uphold a promise made to her sweet sister, Clara underwent gene testing to screen for mutations that could increase her chances of getting breast cancer. Clara discovered she was BRCA 1 positive. To greatly reduce her odds of developing breast cancer, she decided to proceed with a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

The day of surgery, her daughter Rae decided to get tested for the BRCA gene mutation as well. She also discovered she was BRCA 1 positive. At 32, Rae proceeded with prophylactic mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction with implants.

These wonderful ladies have such a beautiful story of survival and love. They share the same genes and the same heart. Clara and Rae hope by sharing their story they will positively impact the lives of others who are considering preventative surgery to reduce their risk of cancer.

Here is their precious story: 

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