600 Flap Breast Reconstructions - A New Record For PRMA Plastic Surgery

By: Courtney Floyd


Congratulations are in order for the surgeons of PRMA Plastic Surgery! Today they set a new record by performing their 600th free flap microsurgical breast reconstruction procedure this year! This makes PRMA Plastic Surgery one of few breast reconstruction centers in the world to achieve such a high number of successful flaps in one year--and the year is not over!

“This is an enormous achievement for our team,” says PRMA co-founder Dr. Steven Pisano. “It’s truly incredible to know we have been able to rebuild so many lives after breast cancer this year!”

And PRMA’s 600th perforator flap patient Danielle agrees saying, “I am thankful and excited to be part of this incredible milestone."

“PRMA is committed to serving our patients by offering the most advanced breast reconstruction techniques,” says co-founder Dr. Peter Ledoux. “Our team-based approach allows us to successfully perform such high numbers of flap procedures! A team of two PRMA microsurgeons performs every flap procedure. This ensures patients benefit from the expertise of two specially trained surgeons and also significantly decreases the length of the surgery and anesthesia time. We also work closely with highly skilled breast surgeons offering the latest mastectomy techniques and provide our patients with the finest post-operative nursing care.”

Since opening their doors in 1994, PRMA has grown to include a team of seven surgeons with two locations and has performed over 7,000 breast reconstructions, including over 6,500 microsurgical free flap procedures.

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