The Importance of Support During Breast Cancer

By: Courtney Floyd


Why is  support important after a breast cancer diagnosis?

This week a new study publish in Cancer suggests breast cancer patients who are socially isolated may have a greater risk of dying from their disease compared to patients who have more social ties.

The study showed women who tend to stay isolated from peers were 43% more likely to experience breast cancer recurrence and 64% more likely to die from breast cancer. (It is important to note that the study supports a link between social activities and patient survival rates, but understands it must also consider several other explanations for the differences in women’s survival outcomes.)

There are no doubts social connections can help those affected by breast cancer in many ways! The support of family, friends and even other survivors can be helpful as patients go through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and breast reconstruction. Whatever the source of strength and comfort, it is important patients have a place to go with concerns. A breast cancer journey can feel very lonely. No one should try to deal with everything on their own!

At PRMA, we host a bi-monthly Pink Ladies Breast Cancer Support Group meeting for women in all stages of the breast cancer and breast reconstruction journey. There are also many other organizations and groups who meet regularly for patients to connect with each other. For more information on your local support groups contact your local American Cancer Society.

Social media also offers a safe meeting place for support. Facebook groups such as Beyond the Pink Moon and DIEPCJourney are wonderful platforms to ask questions, listen, and connect with others. 

Why is  support important after a breast cancer diagnosis? | PRMA Plastic Surgery

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