More Countries Moving Towards Banning Textured Breast Implants

By: Courtney Floyd


In the wake of breast implant safety concerns, more countries are moving towards banning textured implants

Last week, France announced a ban on textured implants due to their link with Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Now, national health authorities in Canada and the Netherlands look to be following suite.

“To protect Canadian patients from the rare but serious risk of BIA-ALCL, Health Canada is advising Allergan that the Department intends to suspend its licenses for Biocell breast implants as a precautionary measure,” Health Canada stated in their official press release.

The Netherlands health minister has also requested the country’s plastic surgeons to halt the use of textured implants until their internal safety studies can be measured.

Currently, there are no plans in the United States to ban the sale or use of textured implants. At the most recent FDA hearing regarding breast implant safety the council conclude better patient informed consent was the best course of action until further studies could be concluded. 

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