PRMA Performs Record Breaking 60 DIEP Flaps in April

By: Courtney Floyd


PRMA Plastic Surgery is excited to say that in the month of April the surgeons performed a record breaking 60 DIEP flap breast reconstructions. This makes PRMA one of very few breast reconstruction centers in the world to achieve such a high number of successful DIEP flaps in one month.

“Accomplishing such a milestone is a wonderful testimony to the dedication and passion of our team for what we do,” says Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo.

Patient Mary Brunner could not agree more stating she was “overjoyed to hear [she] was a record setting patient and tickled to death by how quickly [she] is recovering.” She also went on to say she is “amazed at how great [her] reconstruction is healing and how wonderful she feels only two weeks post-surgery thanks to PRMA.”

PRMA continues to lead the way in advanced breast reconstruction as one of the largest, most renowned centers specializing in free flap surgeries like the popular DIEP flap.

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