BRCA Positive and Proactively Confident

By: Courtney Floyd


When we were little girls, the idea of looking into a glass ball to see our futures unfold was a blissful imaginative paradise inspired by our favorite fairy tales. Today, young women are capable of taking a glimpse into their own futures with advancements in medical screenings such as the BRCA gene test.

The BRCA gene test is a blood test designed to identify harmful DNA mutations in either one of the two breast cancer predisposition genes (BRCA1 or BRCA2). Although it is believed everyone has these genes, mutations in the gene can cause a significantly increased risk for developing breast cancer. While breast cancer can be caused by numerous variables, many women find the BRCA tests to be empowering, giving them the opportunity to take a proactive step against breast cancer.

Results from BRCA gene tests can help women make informed decisions regarding their health. If the results come back as positive, women have available options for guarding themselves against breast cancer. Some of the options include preventative medicine, prophylactic surgery, and regular monitoring with MRI or ultrasound.

PRMA patient Kathryn Spencer is a young woman who received a positive BRCA gene test. With this knowledge, she jumped into action and began to research her options. Eventually she decided a prophylactic (or preventative) mastectomy was the right decision for her. Watch below as Kathryn shares her experience.

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  • PRMA

    Kathryn, I am blessed to have met you. Knowing someone else who did this from out of town, seeing you as I recovered in the hospital…. You were so positive and gave me so much strength. I wish you and your husband the brightest future ever. We’re both so lucky to be under the gentle, skillful care of Dr. C!

  • PRMA

    I want to do the brca 1 and 2 testing. I have humana ins. Please contact me if you accept Humana.

  • PRMA

    Hello Xochitl! I commend you for wanting to proceed with the gene testing. It is always encouraging to see women being proactive with their healthcare. Unfortunately, we do not do the testing at our office. I would recommend contacting your primary care doctor for a referral. If you do discover you are BRCA positive and are interested in prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, please let us know! Best of luck to you!

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