PRMA Plastic Surgery Surgeons Get Roasted

By: Courtney Floyd


We had a wonderful time celebrating the close of another fantastic year at our annual holiday party this past weekend. It was a joy to reflect on the many personal milestones within the PRMA Plastic Surgery family, welcome the new additions and celebrate the record-breaking accomplishments. But the true highlight of the evening was the PRMA Distinguished Operation Room Noteworthy and Notoriety Acknowledgement awards, AKA PRMA-DONNA (pronounced “primadonna”) awards.

The roast-style awards were presented by the “Roast Master PAs”. These amazing ladies spend each day working directly with our surgeons in the operating room, rounding on patients and working on research. Their tireless dedication to our patients and endless work ethic is paramount to our continued success at PRMA and makes them 100% qualified to present the PRMA-Donna awards.

And the awards go to…

Dr. Ledoux – The Fashionista Award

For never being afraid to take risks and rock the greatest trends. From white scrubs to women’s socks, Dr. Ledoux can pull off just about anything.

Dr. Pisano - Every Day is Monday Award

For truly believing that Friday is the new Monday

Dr. Nastala – The Wikipedia Award

For always having the answer to everything, even if it isn’t the correct one.

Dr. Chrysopoulo – The Alexander Graham Bell Award

For finding new and inventive ways to excuse his tardiness and for never being far from his phone.

Dr. Arishita Duct Tape Award

For being able to fix anything.

Dr. Ochoa – You Talking to Me Award

For mumbling and talking so low that no one ever really knows he’s talking to you.

Dr. Garza – Say Hello to My Little Friend Award

For being so well versed in the incorporation of a movie line into everyday

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