patient travels from asia to have breast reconstruction at prma
Traveling 9000 Miles for Breast Reconstruction

July 09, 2020 Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin A little while back now I was introduced to a wonderful gal named Heather. She reached out to me via email from Singapore. She was interested in breast reconstruction. (You would think I would have been shocked that anyone would be willing to travel across the world […]

Is Exercise For Me Post Breast Reconstruction

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Should you exercise after breast reconstruction surgery?    Importance of Exercise Exercise stimulates blood flow, increases oxygen delivery, lowers cardiovascular risk factors associated with inactivity, decreases anxiety, and lowers stress. More specifically, it can help restore and maintain range of motion to help support functional activity levels. Exercise aids in […]

prma surgeons travel to foreign countries to help those in need
A Call To Serve

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin This July, PRMA Plastic Surgery will team with HELPS International to serve individuals in need in the rural mountains of Guatemala. HELPS International has developed a system of volunteer medical teams to address the healthcare crisis of Latin America. The medical teams are comprised of around 100 physicians, surgeons, nurses, […]

the importance of having a friend through your breast cancer journey
“Breast” Friends and a Journey Home

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin A friend is someone you can easily relate to; someone who you can trust and who understands your emotions and feelings. A friend is someone who makes a positive impact on your life, someone who meets and answers your needs and does so willingly without expecting anything in return. You […]

Bras After Breast Reconstruction

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Will you need a new bra after breast reconstruction surgery?  Whether you are having immediate or delayed breast reconstruction, you will most likely need new bras after your surgery. Surgical Bra Immediately after breast reconstruction surgery, you will usually be placed in a surgical bra. The surgical bra is similar to […]

am I a candidate to keep my nipples during breast reconstruction
What is Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy?

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin We have received numerous calls recently regarding nipple-sparing mastectomy. We thought sharing some valuable information from our website on the procedure would be helpful. Please also watch PRMA patient Rhonda discuss her experience with traveling from out of state for DIEP flap breast reconstruction with nipple-sparing mastectomy below! What is […]

how to tell your children that you have breast cancer
Involving Your Family In Your Breast Cancer Journey

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Should you involve your family after a breast cancer diagnosis?  Among the many difficult questions parents face when a family member is diagnosed with cancer is “What do I tell my children?” Fearful that they might upset or worry their youngsters and teens, some parents withhold the news. But even […]

prma patient shares her journey through stage 2 breast reconstruction recovery
The Final Fitting: A Journey through Revision Surgery

Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin What is recovery after breast reconstruction revision surgery like?  Back in February, Angie underwent DIEP Flap breast reconstruction surgery. She wanted to share her experience with women, so she made a video diary after surgery. Each day she documented what she was doing to recover and how she was feeling. Her […]