A Journey To PRMA For Breast Reconstruction: Overcoming Breast Cancer​
A Journey to PRMA: Christine’s Story

A Journey to PRMA for Breast Reconstruction: Overcoming Breast Cancer Facing the Diagnosis: The Start of a Challenging Journey Breast cancer—two words that strike fear into the hearts of women everywhere. Hoping they never have to hear them in their lifetime. Despite being a common concern, it’s still a topic many avoid. A journey to […]

DIEP Flap Reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction, How to find DIEP surgeon, What is DIEP flap
DIEP Flap Surgery And How To Find A DIEP Surgeon

  Share on Facebook Twitter Linkedin How can I find a DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgeon? Meet PRMA’s award winning DIEP flap surgeons DIEP flap surgery – so why all the hype? If you are a woman facing mastectomy due to breast cancer, one of the decisions you face is whether you want breast reconstruction. If […]

Study Reveals Surgeons Often Overlook Breast Reconstruction Discussions In Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions​
Breast Reconstruction, Often Not Discussed.

Share to LinkedIN Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Study Reveals Breast Surgeons Often Overlook Breast Reconstruction Discussions in Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions   A recent study sheds light on a concerning trend: many women facing breast cancer treatment decisions aren’t adequately informed about the option of breast reconstruction following mastectomy, researchers confirm. According to […]