Best Places to Work: PRMA Plastic Surgery

By: Brandy (Korman) Haslam


The other day I did a search for the best jobs in America and found that working in the healthcare industry is by far one of the best fields to be in. Going to school for PR and marketing I wasn’t sure what industry I would end up in, but I’m so glad that I ended up where I am.

I have been so blessed to find an amazing job for what I consider one of the most fascinating breast reconstruction centers in the world.

Since I started at PRMA back in March, I have had the opportunity to help breast cancer patients from across the country get their lives back after breast cancer.

1 out of 8 women every year are diagnosed with breast cancer and the devastation of losing a breast is heartbreaking to every woman that has to go through it. With the help of PRMA’s six surgeons, women are able to restore what was lost from cancer.

Groundbreaking new procedures like the DIEP flap enable our surgeons to reconstruct a woman’s breast using her own skin and tissue. The result—a natural, soft, warm breast that is completely her own. Until I started working at PRMA, I never even knew that this was an option and many other women are also unaware that this is a possibility.

I’ve heard so many women tell me that their physician never informed them of any other options besides implants. Others say that they only knew about the TRAM flap, an older type of reconstruction that sacrifices the abdominal muscle.

What makes my job so rewarding is that not only do I get the opportunity to promote our practice and spread awareness of these options as the marketer, I also get to help our patients from beginning to end as the Patient Liaison.

I hear the experiences and sense the anxiety during that initial phone call and am able to see the smiles and happiness when surgery is over.

Having a great group of surgeons that truly care about the outcome of each and every surgery and co-workers that are dedicated to providing the best possible experience makes it on my best places to work list!

At the end of the day, it’s rewarding to sit back and feel like I played a part in helping someone get their life back. There’s nothing better than that!

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