Traveling to PRMA for Breast Reconstruction? The Process is Easy!

By: Brandy (Korman) Haslam


What is the process like for traveling to PRMA for breast reconstruction? 

Handling all of PRMA’s out of state patients, I get daily questions on how the process works for patients traveling to us from outside of Texas. It really is a fairly simple process…

To begin, we collect some important information from you by completing an assessment form. This gives me and the surgeons more info about your medical history: any previous surgeries, allergies, medications and other relevant information. You can find the assessment form here or we can complete it over the phone. You can also complete a virtual consultation here in your own time if you prefer.

The next step is photos—everyone’s favorite part! If for example you are interested in the DIEP flap, the photos will need to be of your lower abdomen up to your breasts from the front and both sides. These photos allow us to see how much tummy fat you have and to ultimately determine if you may be a good DIEP flap candidate before you even travel to San Antonio.

If you are interested in another flap such as a GAP, TUG, or LAT, the photos should include your backside, thighs or back respectively. I’ll specify beforehand, don’t worry!

The next step will be to send us any medical records you have. Please don’t worry if you don’t have any of your records - I will send a request to your physicians and we can get them that way.

We will also need a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. Just so you know, PRMA is in-network with most US insurance companies.

Once we have received all the necessary paperwork (I promise, it’s not as much as it sounds), we will verify your insurance benefits and let you know what your out-of-pocket and deductible are. That way you can feel comfortable there won’t be any financial surprises.

After your benefits have been verified, our surgeons will review your file and make recommendations.

You can then decide if you’d like to travel to PRMA for a consultation and surgery. If you decide to move forward we will schedule the necessary appointments for you.

Another question I get asked is how long do I need to be in San Antonio and where do I stay?

We tell all our patients that you will need to be in San Antonio for 2 weeks. You will stay in the hospital between 4-5 days and then have a follow up with your surgeon 7-10 days later before returning home.

I work with the American Cancer Society to assist all of our patients with airfare and lodging expenses. They are usually able to help with free or low cost airfare and lodging which really helps cut down travel expenses a lot. 

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  • Joanne

    I had a full mastectomy and a really lousy reconstruction. :( the drs here messed up big time. Then told me to learn to live with it because I don’t have breasts anymore anyway. The right side , I have constant agony They won’t help. I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror and try to hide my chest from my husband. Do you take Canadian patients?

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    Hi Joanne, yes we do take Canadian patients. Please give me a call at 800.692.5565 or email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I’d love to talk with you and see if we can get you set up with a consultation with one of our surgeons. -Brandy

  • Jo

    If u have the lap band (weight loss band) can u stil have the diep flap?

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    Hi Jo, yes you can still have the DIEP flap with a lap band. Give me a call at 800.692.5565 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we can go over your options. Looking forward to hearing from you! -Brandy

  • Bonnie

    Hi.. I had a partial mastectomy on my left breast. It looks awful to me and I won’t even let my husband see it. Because of the radiation that I had ( every day for 3 months), it made it a lot smaller than my right. I am VERY self conscience and I feel like everyone notices it. I don’t like going out for anything because of this. I hate looking in the mirror at myself. I have a flabby stomach. I want a radical mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on both, because I am SO afraid of getting the cancer on the right one, too. Can I do this? Can you do this for me? I am desperate. I am so sick of having a B cup on one side and a C on the other and afraid every day that my cancer will return. Please help me.

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    Hi Bonnie, sorry to hear what you are going through. I’d love to help you! It sounds like a tissue reconstruction may be the way to go for you since you’ve had radiation treatment. Have you considered the DIEP flap procedure? If you have adequate tummy fat and no major abdominal surgeries (ie tummy tuck), you may be a candidate. If you’d like to complete our virtual consultation form, you can find it here: Once you submit it, it will come to me and I can have one of our surgeons review your case to see if you are a good candidate for surgery. Please call me at 800.692.5565 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for any questions or concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you! -Brandy

  • Guest

    I’d just like to confirm the ease in the process with PRMA. It’s not many offices that call you as a patient in such a process for an indepth surgical procedure and guide you along the way. PRMA did for me and many other women. A truly compassionate and thorough business model. Thank you Courtney and all at PRMA!

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    You are most certainly welcome! It brings me great joy to walk along side women during this journey.

  • Kim

    Hi, I was wondering if you can still have a DIEP if you’ve had a hysterectomy? Also wondering if scheduled for a hysterectomy, is it better to do reconstruction first or after? Had dbl mastectomy, chemo, radiation, lymphadema and am very interested in reconstruction as I do not feel feminine…I get very frustrated as clothes just don’t seem to fit anymore except for mens shirts, etc…my self esteem is low which seems to affect all areas of my life…I was unable to get new girls right after due to the IBC which truthfully has made me feel depressed, etc…I live in Kansas but not having much luck locating someone who does DIEP often..Thank you for your assistance smile

  • PRMA Plastic Surgery

    Hey Kimberly! If you have already had a hysterectomy, you may still be eligible for the DIEP. We typically send our patients who have a history of abdominal surgery to have a CTA to check to see if the vessels needed are good. If you have not yet had a hysterectomy, but are considering it based on medical history, you may want to consider having your reconstruction done first. If for some reason needed vessels are damaged during the hysterectomy, you would become ineligible for the DIEP. However, it is always important to consult with you physicians before postponing any surgery. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Thanks, Courtney

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