5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

By: Courtney Floyd


What should you consider when choosing your breast reconstruction surgeon? 

Choosing your breast reconstruction surgeon is just as important as deciding on the type of reconstructive surgery to have. Here are 5 things to consider when deciding on which surgeon is right for you:

What should you consider when choosing your breast reconstruction surgeon?

1) Your surgeon should be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

The American Board of Plastic Surgery was created to protect the public by assessing and certifying doctors meet specific educational, training, and professional requirements. The board works by establishing common standards for physicians to achieve in order to maintain board certification. This means a board certified plastic surgeons are held to high standards and have achieved exceptional goals when it comes to their patient care.

For more information and to see if your surgeon is board certified, visit www.abplsurg.org.

2) Be sure your surgeon has privileges at a reputable hospital

You will be staying at the hospital for a few days after your surgery. It is important for your care and comfort to be top notch. From the nurses to the facility, it is important to ensure you will be cared for in a reputable facility. PRMA performs surgeries at Methodist Hospital and North Central Baptist Hospital—both facilities are highly recognized by multiple foundations and have won multiple awards.

3) Check your surgeon's success rates and before and after results

It is important to verify your surgeon has a high success rate for breast reconstructive surgeries. PRMA has a success rate of over 99%.

Viewing examples of previous work is also important. Ask to see before and after pictures at your consultation appointment if you haven't seen any already. PRMA’s before and after pictures from all our breast reconstruction surgeries can be viewed here.

4) Consult previous patients as a reference

Some of the best research you can do before deciding on a breast reconstruction surgeon is to consult with other patients. PRMA has a large group of ladies we like to call our PRMA Patient Advocates. These women are always available to answer any questions you may have about the breast reconstruction experience.

5) Listen to your heart

When you walk into any environment, you are going to naturally pick up a vibe. Are you comfortable in the office, is the staff friendly and supportive, does your doctor seem educated and does he/she have a caring bedside manor? All of these factors are important to consider. Listen to your heart!

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    Might I add that the plastic surgeons at PRMA are spot on numbers for numbers 1-4 which make #5 so much easier when you consult with the micro-surgeons there. A stellar group indeed!

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