Feeling Feminine After Breast Cancer

By: Courtney Floyd


Can you still feel feminine after breast cancer surgery? 

Beautiful, sexy, confident--these are words commonly used by our culture today to describe the women in magazines, television shows, and in the movies. It is hard as "normal" women not to feel the pressure this society places on your shoulders to look like the beauties in the limelight. You go through extra steps in all of your daily routines to apply the line diminishing moisturizer, wear the best push-up bra money can buy, eat as little chocolate as possible, and attend the gym as often as we can. It makes you feel "feminine" according to what society and social media tells you.

Now, imagine in the midst of all of your daily beauty rituals you get a call from your doctor that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer!! You are sent directly to numerous doctors, encounter more needle sticks than one should endure in a lifetime, and are forced into the realization that you will be losing your breasts. All of a sudden the definition of femininity as you know it has diminished! The best shampoo money can buy will not save your hair and with the loss of your breasts why would you need a bra? Everything society has taught you to believe is feminine and beautiful is stripped from your existence and your focus is redirected to surviving.

Women with breast cancer tend to believe that surviving breast cancer comes with the cost of losing their femininity. Life after mastectomies can leave many women with a feeling of lost womanhood. Many women struggle with the stress of hiding their mastectomies with breast prostheses along with losing their hair and nails due to chemotherapy.

Luckily there is hope in bringing your feeling of femininity back and feeling like a woman again! Breast Reconstruction after mastectomies allows women the opportunity to recreate their breast. Although it can take time to redefine what femininity means to you as an individual (and not what social media tells you), having your breasts back can be the jump start needed to begin the process of relief and confidence.

Watch and see how breast reconstruction after mastectomies helped Diane Workman feel like a woman again! 

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  • Terri

    Diane, I don’t know what you looked like before but you look beautiful now!!! Your confident feminity is shining through in this video. I, too, was a delayed DIEP flap patient of Dr. C. I understand those tears of joy. Cheers to your continued health and beautiful feminity.

  • Dr. Nastala

    Diana, so thankful to you for sharing your personal story! Privileged to be part of your care and recovery. You are wonderful! Dr N

  • Guest

    Finding a beautiful bra has helped me. I came across SOMA wireless bras after being uncomfortable for a year after my unilateral mastectomy with diep. Reconstruction. The bras are comfortable. ..and pretty. There is also a boutique here The Pink Boutique that has beautiful bras and can help if you need to wear a prosthetic. I deprived myself of a pretty bra and stuffed myself in a I’ll fitting walmart cheapy..too long. Please don’t do that. Take the time to be fitted and gi to a specialty shop. Especially when going through the reconstruction process. Things may look a little odd under the bra. ..but no one else needs to know that!

  • Lynne Musselman

    We should not loose our femininity if we chose not to have reconstruction surgery. I feel there is too much enfacis on we need breasts to be a woman, being accepted in soceity

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