Immediate Breast Reconstruction Experience

By: Courtney Floyd


Women with breast cancer tend to believe that surviving comes with the cost of losing their breast and sense of womanhood forever. Thankfully, due to advances in medicine, this is no longer the case.

After a breast cancer diagnosis many women undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy either by choice or by the recommendation of their doctor. Before surgery, it is normal for women to have anxiety before losing their natural breasts regardless of their age. To eliminate some of this anxiety, more and more women are now choosing to undergo immediate breast reconstruction.

Immediate breast reconstruction is performed in correlation with a mastectomy. Having immediate breast reconstruction allows women to wake up without having the shock of breast loss and eliminates the need for an additional surgery.

Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33, PRMA patient J. Reynolds was told she needed to have a double mastectomy. Her biggest fear before having her mastectomy was “waking up with nothing but scars,” but after researching her options, she decided to undergo immediate breast reconstruction with Tissue Expanders. Watch below as she shares her experience and feelings during her reconstruction.  

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  • Robyn

    I think immediate breast reconstruction work is quite commendable. My mother had a b… aug destin after she found out she had cancer and underwent all the appropriate cancer therapy. But it was very difficult for her to get over. I wonder if she had some something like this it would have been a two pronged approach in one go.

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