Seeking Support on Social Media

By: Courtney Floyd


What is the best way to celebrate Social Media Day?

June 30th is Social Media Day!

Social media has become a major part of our daily routines. For many of us, it is how we keep in touch with our friends and family, it’s our main source of news, and (if you are like me) it’s our own personal digital photo album.

Social media platforms also provide users a way to seek support! There are thousands of hashtags and groups out there for individuals with the same interests to connect.

A recent study reports half of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer relied on 3 or more people to help them process treatment options. Patients weren’t making decision on their own. They weren’t facing their diagnosis alone. They were seeking support.

I honestly believe this number is much larger for women seeking support and advice through social media platforms. So many women I know discovered the option for DIEP flap breast reconstruction in a Facebook group. I’ve had more than one person share with me they did not know it was an option to save their natural nipple during a mastectomy until they saw a post on Facebook or Twitter.

There are many women beginning their breast reconstruction journey who are unsure about what to expect and what surgical option is best for them. It is helpful for these women to connect with others instantly who have walked the journey before them and can share experiences.

So, what is the best way to celebrate Social Media Day? Connect! Share your story. Offer support. You never know who you might impact.

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