Top 5 Breast Cancer Apps

By: Courtney Floyd


With the popularity of smart phones and tablets circulating in our society today, app downloads are at an all-time high. Apps are a great way to stay organized, keep up with the latest news, network within social media, and play games. But what about apps for the breast cancer community? Turns out, there are numerous apps available ranging from early detection to undergoing treatments for breast cancer.

Here are my top 5 breast cancer apps:

Breast Advocate® App

Co-created by leading specialists (including the surgeons of PRMA) and patient advocates, Breast Advocate is a free breast cancer app providing breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction evidence-based information and recommendations, personalized for you, exactly when you need it.

Dr. K’s Breast Checker

Dr. K’s Breast Checker is designed to help users remember to perform self-breast exams. The app sends users an alert each month to remind them to perform a self-breast exam. A section is also available for users to keep notes of any changes in their breasts with interactive tools.

Med Helper-Pro Pill Reminder

Med Helper users are able to keep track of multiple prescriptions within the same app. This app allows users to set reminder alarms for when to take prescriptions and also alerts the user when medications are beginning to run low. This will come in handy with all of the medications prescribed after diagnosis. Doctor appointments can also be entered into the app for reminder purposes.

Your Man Reminder

This app is my favorite! Along the same lines as Dr. K’s Breast Checker, this app is designed to send a monthly reminder to users to perform self-breast exams. However, this app gives users monthly reminders from really good looking men! As an added bonus, users are also able to send a “Man-O-Gram” to their friends to remind them to do a self-check as well. This app also provides users educational information on what to look for when checking your breasts along with a section to take notes on any breast changes to address with a physician.

Breast Cancer: Beyond the Shock

Beyond the Shock is an app providing users a virtual guide to understanding their breast cancer diagnosis. The app has different sections for the user to navigate through to find answers to their breast cancer questions. There are also patient testimonial videos available to view for positive encouragement from women who are in the beginning, middle, or end stages of their fight against breast cancer.

What breast cancer apps do you find useful?

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